WET FEST – Cape Cod’s Educational Water Festival Program 

Water festivals are an interactive method of teaching students the fundamentals of water and Cape Cod’s unconfined, sole source aquifer.  In small groups, students progress through a series of hands-on stations exploring and learning.  They take home a strong message and a true understanding about how water impacts their daily lives. Students  leave the festival with new ideas to save and protect water through simple personal actions and pledge to be a groundwater guardian.

WET FESTS are managed by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and are facilitated by the generous efforts of AmeriCorps Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Groundwater Guardian Team and Year 20 AmeriCorp Cape Cod will be teaming up once again to offer festivals to Cape Cod Schools, grade 4-6 for the upcoming school year.  IMPORTANT: Festival dates book quickly.  For Schedule information, contact Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.  Schools that are not able to be accommodated  will be given priority scheduling for the following WET FEST season.

We are scheduling dates for 2018-2019 school year now! Contact us for dates.

 Watch a video about WET Fest here.