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WetFest – Cape Cod’s Educational Water Festival Program

Wetfest is an interactive method of teaching students the fundamentals of water and Cape Cod’s unconfined, sole source aquifer.  In small groups, students progress through a series of hands-on stations exploring and learning.  They take home a strong message and a true understanding about how water impacts their daily lives. Students leave the festival with new ideas to save and protect water through simple personal actions and pledge to be a groundwater guardian. Watch a video about WET Fest here.

What’s new with WetFest?

WETFest will be back in schools for the 2022-23 school year! Additionally, we have created a completely virtual version of the WetFest activities, which will be ready for access soon! For this coming year (2022-23) we will also be reopening our “lending library” of the Beach Clean-Up game. If you wish to sign up for the Beach Clean-Up game, please fill out the form below. If you would like more information on WetFest Cape Cod, please contact the WetFest coordinator at the bottom of this webpage. 


Beach Clean-Up Lending Library

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s WETFestival is coasting back in to classrooms for the 2022-23 school season through our new Beach Clean-Up campaign! Since the pandemic, AmeriCorps members have been adapting WETFestival’s aquifer education lessons to take on an online, and hybrid format. This past year, AmeriCorps members Hazel and Emily have created a lending library, and “take-action” campaign for our Beach Clean-Up activity. The Beach Clean-Up activity walks children and their families through the effects of pollution on coastal habitats, and shows that when we band together more beaches can be saved. Through the lending library program, teachers and educational community groups are able to borrow the activity, and partake in AmeriCorps’ “take action” campaign to then do your own beach clean-up. This campaign will be facilitated using the “Clean Swell” app, which helps volunteers categorize the trash they collect, and weighs approximately how much trash has been removed. A downloadable copy of the curriculum standards for this activity is available below. To sign up for this activity, please click the link down below under “Sign Up Here!”. If you have any further questions, please contact the WetFest Coordinator at the bottom of the page.

The “Beach Clean-Up” activity lending library will reopen for October 2022! Enjoy your summer!

Sign Up Here!

Beach Clean Up Lending Library (2022-2023) Sign-Up


Yr 23 AmeriCorps Members and Devine Program Supervisor pictured with the trash they collected off the beach for MLK Day 2022!
(Pictured left to right: Program Supervisor – Michael Andranovich, Americorps Members – Maddy Oerth, Kasey “Kas” Oakes, Hazel Groskorth-Flynn & Jodi Monroe)
Year 23 WETFest Coordinator

Year 23 WETFest Coordinator

Thank you for joining us for the 2021-2022 school year! Currently we are ending Yr 23’s AmeriCorps service year, and excitedly awaiting next year’s WETFest Coordinator Placement! If you have any questions about WETFest, our new Beach Clean-Up lending library, or any other inquiries you can email Kalliope.Chute@barnstablecounty.org !

Happy learning!

WETFests are managed by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and are facilitated by the generous efforts of AmeriCorps Cape Cod.