Silent Spring Institute

Silent Spring Institute is a non-profit scientific research institute dedicated to understanding the links between chemicals in our everyday environment and women’s health, with a focus on breast cancer prevention. We were founded 25 years ago by members of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. Concerned about elevated rates of breast cancer on Cape Cod , they called for a scientific investigation on the environmental links to the disease. The study became a national model for environmental health studies, providing public health researchers with new tools for studying environmental risk factors, while laying the groundwork for future investigations.

Silent Spring has since grown into a national environmental health organization with expertise on everyday chemical exposures and community-engaged research. Through our water quality research program, which maintains a strong focus on Cape Cod, we are investigating drinking water contaminants, many of which are unregulated and raise public health concerns. Our research on the Cape provided some of the first information in the U.S. on hormone-disrupting chemicals in groundwater and drinking water.

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