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DescriptionConceptsFrameworks StrandTopic and Standard #
EnviroscapeModel Watershed and Land UseMovement of water in a watershed: how land use affects water quality.Earth ScienceEarth material #1, #4
Turbidity or Not TurbidityMeasure water clarity with secchi discImpacts of erosion on water chemistryTech/Eng
Earth Science
Soil ES-4
E/T-1, 2
Edible AquiferA delicious model of a groundwater aquifer, well, and contamination plumeGroundwater vocabulary and basic hydrologic principlesEarth ScienceEarth material #1, #4
Raindrop JourneyFollow a raindrop from sky to wellVocabulary and configuration of groundwater on Cape CodEarth ScienceEarth material #1, #4
Water Cycle BraceletA wearable way to remember the water cycleVocabulary and concepts of the water cycleEarth ScienceEarth material #1
The Tooth BoothWater ConservationsTeams compare personal water use habitsEarth ScienceWater cycle # 10
The Good, the Bad, the AlgaeAlgae compete for oxygen and nutrients in the waterNutrient enrichment, dissolved oxygen, plant growthLife ScienceOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
Water OlympicsCompete in a watery test of skillPhysical properties of water explored.Physical ScienceProperties of Matter #2
Bubble BoothSee the world from inside a bubbleImpact of soap on surface tensionPhysical ScienceProperties of Matter #2
Clams CasinoTake a chance at harvesting a bounty of clamsClam anatomy, aquaculture and pollution impactsLife ScienceOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
D.O. the LimboChoose a card to see if you will live or perishSpecies tolerance to dissolved oxygen levels in waterLife ScienceOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
Fred the Fish and Urban StewFred takes a sloppy stormwater journey down his favorite riverImpacts of water quality on aquatic lifeLife ScienceOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
Matter MadnessTest your knowledge of the phases of water with a bean bag raceIdentify phases of waterPhysical ScienceProperties of Matter #2
Flush the KidsCrawl through a giant septic system and out the leach fieldLearn about septic systems and nitrogen levelsTechnology/EngineeringDesign, Produce and Use #2
The Flow BelowPhysical model of wells, lakes, landfills, and leach fields.Learn how groundwater flows and contaminants are transport through the aquiferEarth ScienceEarth material #1, #4
Great Sea Turtle RescueRescue marine birds from an envrionmental disasterLearn about how oil spills affect birds.Science/ Technology/ Human AffairsOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
Scales and TailsLearn how to fish for the futureStudents learn about the effects of fishing on fish populationsLife ScienceOrganisms are adapted to their habitat #5
Food chains & webs#6
Sea Level RiseHow thermal expansion affects water levelsExamine the impacts of a changing shoreline due to sea level riseEarth ScienceWeather
Where the River Meets the SeaSaltwater interface experimentHow freshwater floats on saltwaterPhysical ScienceProperties of Matter #2
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