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Mission Statement:

The Wastewater Implementation Committee is an advisory committee to Barnstable County.  The committee serves as a regional forum on wastewater issues sharing information and coordination between towns, the county and state programs, and providing local and regional input towards consensus building and developing a new regional wastewater management plan.  The Wastewater Implementation Committee (or WIC) is embarking on an ambitious agenda to facilitate and encourage towns to initiate wastewater management strategies that protect public health, restore coastal and fresh surface water quality, preserve community character and provide growth center infrastructure. 

The WIC’s goal is to address these wastewater issues in a manner that incorporates good science, appropriate technologies and acceptable legal and financial means of implementation. The Committee’s major work areas to achieve this goal are: 

Information Assessment:  The recent efforts of the Massachusetts Estuaries Project focus on developing maximum nutrient loads for a number of estuaries.  WIC members will become familiar with the information being developed for their town in this or other relevant programs in order to assist in prioritizing locations within their respective towns for the implementation of wastewater management districts. 

Investigation of options for the formation of wastewater management districts:  The WIC, with staff support will oversee the efforts outlined in the recent RFP to investigate the various options for establishing Wastewater Management Districts, and determine which are most appropriate for their towns. 

Outreach: Committee members are tasked with keeping their respective local boards and commissions informed regarding the activities of the WIC as they pertain to the specific needs of the towns 

Technology Assessments:  The WIC , with staff support, will identify the technologies that hold promise to treat wastewater at the various design-flow levels.  This may involve site visits to various installation sites so that members can become familiar with various aspects of treatment-system operation that might raise public concerns (appearance, odors, operational noise, etc.).  A compendium of this information will be compiled and maintained with staff support. 

Investigation of options for financing:  The WIC through staff support and their own efforts and networking will investigate and identify various means for financing wastewater management options. Efforts will include becoming familiar with both present mechanisms for financing as well as any proposed legislation.  


The Committee is comprised of members appointed by the County Commissioners presently including representatives from:

15 Cape Cod Towns - DPW, Board of Heath, or other town official
Cape Cod Commission
Barnstable County Department of Health and the Environment
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Department of Environmental Protection
Cape Cod Basin Team
Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod

Barnstable Mark Ells 862-4090
Alternate Mark Giardono 862-4090
Brewster Raqual Ellis 385-8963
Alternate Nancy Ice 896-3701
Chatham John V. Payson 945-7475
Dennis Meggan Tierney 760-6158
Eastham Jane Crowley 240-5900
Falmouth Amy Lowell 495-7341
Alternate John Waterbury 289-2742
Harwich Frank Sampson 432-4279
Alternate Paula Champagne 430-7509
Mashpee Tom Fudala 539-1400 x521
Orleans Augusta McKusick 255-8178
Ptown Keith Bergman 487-7003
Sandwich David B. Mason 888-4200
Truro Suzanne Grout-Thomas 394-2320
Wellfleet Tim Smith 349-0316
Yarmouth George Allaire 760-4830
Commissioners William Doherty 430-1483
Assembly John Hodgkinson 240-2296
BCDHE George Heufelder 375-6616
Alternate Sue Rask
CC Chamber John D. O'Brien 362-3225 x517
Wendy Northcross 362-3225 x525
CCC Tom Cambareri 362-3828
Alternate Ed Eichner 362-3828
DEP Brian A. Dudley 946-2753
WBNERR VACANT 457-0495 x110
Light Compact Kevin Galligan 362-6828
APCC Maggie Geist 362-4226

Regional Coordination with other efforts

Outreach to local Boards of Health Selectmen
Mass Watershed Initiative Grant to Cape Cod Commission
Barnstable County Dept Health and Environment –on-site
technical assistance
Massachusetts Estuary Project
Business Round Table
Barnstable County Economic Development Commission
Assembly of Delegates –County Supplemental Funds


Cape Cod Groundwater Guardian Team
P.O. Box 226
Barnstable, MA 02630
Email: water@capecodcommission.org
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