Stormwater Bylaws


Each town on Cape Cod currently has bylaws on stormwater regulation that are implemented by various boards and departments, including DPW, Board of Health, Conservation Commission, the Planning Board, Town Administrator, and the Board of Selectmen.  In order to assess the completeness of these regulations, Project Storm has prepared a matrix of all the existing Cape Cod stormwater regulations for each town required to comply with Phase II Stormwater regulations.  The matrix includes the town stormwater ordinance, the responsible department, and compares these to a model ordinance from the Stormwater Managers Resource Center (

Aquatic Buffer Zones

This Ordinance covers regulations for land buffers to protect streams, ponds, and costal waters.  Regulations are generally covered in Zoning Bylaws and address standard setbacks, as well as variations due to environmental sensitivity and restrictions on land use and land management activities.

Open Space Standards

The Open Space Ordinance encourages environmentally minded and low impact development, focusing specifically on the reduction of impervious cover and overall pollutant levels in municipal stormwater systems.  Open Space bylaws are concentrated in Zoning, Wetland Regulations and Subdivision Regulations and emphasize design criteria, requirements, and management guidelines that follow open space development techniques.

Illicit Discharge Detection

This ordinance regulates non-storm water discharges to the storm drainage system.  Generally covered in Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, illicit discharge bylaws are imposed to prohibit illicit connections and discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system and establish legal authority to inspect and maintain municipal compliance.

Construction Performance Standards

This ordinance covers all aspects of pre and post construction projects that relate to stormwater runoff and pollution.  Stormwater Management in Construction Activities ordinances are found mostly in Zoning and Subdivision Rules and Regulations bylaws.  The purpose of the ordinance is to minimize stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution, as well as minimize the total annual volume of surface water runoff.  Management guidelines are outlined to secure the maintenance and enforcement of the regulations.

Model Ordinance Language

Cape Cod Stormwater Performance Matrix

Cape Cod Stormwater Design Matrix

Cape Cod Stormwater Construction Inspection Matrix

Cape Cod Stormwater Construction Enforcement Matrix

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