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Where does your drinking water come from? If you live on Cape Cod, your water supply comes from either a municipal or private supply well- fed by groundwater from Cape Cod's Sole Source Aquifer, one of the most productive groundwater systems in New England.

If you have questions about your municipal drinking water, you should always contact your water supplier directly. If you use a
private well and want to test your water, visit the Barnstable County Water Laboratory web site, or contact you local health agent for more information.

Explore the map below to learn some interesting facts about the water supplies in the fifteen Cape towns

(or click on the links provided below):
Hyannis Water Division 508- 778-6917
Barnstable Fire District 508-362-6498
Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Water Department 508-428-6691
Cotuit Water Department 508-428-2687
Bourne Water District 508-563-2294
Buzzards Bay Water District 508-759-4631
North Sagamore 508-888-1085
Otis Air National Guard Base Water 508-968-4102
Brewster Water Department 508-896-5454
Chatham Water Department 508-593-4766
Dennis Water District 508-398-3351
Falmouth Water Department 508-457-2543
Harwich Water Department 508-432-0304
Mashpee Water District 508-477-6767
Orleans Water Department 508-240-3700
Provincetown Water Department 508-487-7064
Sandwich Water District 508-888-2775
Yarmouth Water Department 508-771-7921
Falmouth Water Department supplies water to over 21,000 residence and businesses. In 2009 the department pumped 1.3 billlion gallons from three wells and 60% of its total supply from Long Pond. Falmouth also receives water from the Upper Cape Cod Water Collaborative as compensation for impacts to Falmouth water supplies by activites on the Massachusetts Military Reservation.

The town of Bourne has four separate water providers pumping an average of 2.5 million gallons per day from thirteen wells. Bourne supplies water to nearly 10,000 homes and business. Less than 1000 homes are still served by private wells. Part of the water supply of Bourne is provided by wells located on the MMR as part of a replacement plan for wells lost due to contamination. These wells are managed by the Upper Cape Cod Regional Water Supply Cooperative.

Provincetown Water Department supplies most of its water to customers in Provincetown and sections of Truro from 2 wellfields in Truro. This is supplemented during the summer from 2 wells located on North Truro Air Force Base. In 2,000 a total of 314 million gallons was pumped. Daily rates range from 2.25 million gallons per day in the summer to only .6 million during the winter.
Truro has very limited public water supply provided by Provincetown Water Department to homes and businesses along Route 6A in North Truro. The remainder of its 2,000 year round and 12,000 summer residents rely on private wells for drinking water, irrigation and all other water uses.
Eastham has no public water supply. Its 5,000 year round and 17,000 summer residents rely soley on private wells for drinking water, irrigation and all other water uses.
Wellfleet has only limited public water supply. The majority of its 3,300 year round and 14,000 summer residents rely on private wells for drinking water, irrigation and all other water uses. A small community system located in the Coles Neck area supplies water to residents living adjacent to the town landfill and limited municipal buildings and businesses in the downtown area.
Chatham Water Department operates seven wells in five wellfields. Over 376 million gallons of water was pumped in 2009 to service 6,855 connections to Chatham's homes and businesses. Chatham is one of the most completely developed communities on Cape Cod, but will require an addtional 2 wells to meet future water supply demand.
Orleans Water Department currently operates 7 wells, 6 of which are located on an undeveloped 490 acre watershed area. In 2009 the Department supplied 318 million gallons to 5,188 homes and businesses. A filtration plant was recently constructed to remove high levels of iron and manganses.
Harwich Water Department produced a total of 605 million gallons of water in 2009, averaging just under 2 million gallons per day to 9,800 accounts. The Town of Harwich is supplied by groundwater from eleven (11) gravel packed wells and one tubular wellfield that are located in South, East and North Harwich, which draw water from the Monomoy Lens Aquifer.
Brewster Water Department operates four wells servicing 7,285 homes and businesses. in 2009 the Town pumped a total of 438 million gallons. A green sand filtration unit is used on one of the wells, successfully removing high levels of iron and manganese. Approximately 5 percent of the town is served by private wells.
Mashpee Water District is a rapidly growing water supplier. In 1995, Mashpee had four wells pumping an average of 750,000 gallons per day to 4,500 homes and businesses. Nearly 3400 private wells were in operation. In 2009, the District pumped 458 million gallons to 8915 homes and business. The number of private wells has grown to 3700.
Barnstable, the largest town on Cape Cod has four separate water suppliers serving the population of the seven villages. In 2009, 47 municipal wells pumped nearly 2 billion gallons to 23,000 homes and businesses. Approximatly 5,000 homes are still served by private wells, primarily in the village of West Barnstable. Barnstable Fire District is aptly named for its unique address- it is located in the village of Barnstable, in the town of Barnstable, in the county of Barnstable.
Dennis Water District supplied residents and businesses with over 875 million gallons of water in 2009 from 23 wells. Dennis wellfields are all located north of the Mid Cape Highway and are protected by more than 980 acres of watershed property owned by the District.
Yarmouth Water Department is the largest water supplier on Cape Cod serving 16,733 homes and businesses. In 2009 the department pumped 1.1 billion gallons from 24 wells. Over 99 percent of the town is supplied with public water, with fewer than 50 private wells in use. Yarmouth was the first town on the Cape to create a comprehensive hazardous materials program to safeguard water quality in areas overlying municipal water supplies.
The Sandwich Water District supplies water from 10 municipal wells to 6,757 homes and business. In 2009 Sandwich withdrew a total of 600 million gallons of water from all sources. Private wells are found in parts of East Sandwich west of Scorton Creek. The town also boasts an artesian well that supplies high quality drinking water to residents and visitors located in historic Sandwich Village adjacent to Shawmee Pond.
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