Groundwater Levels


Engineers and others must estimate high groundwater levels for the proper design of on-site septic systems and other purposes. The following information will help with those estimations: Cape Cod Commission Technical Bulletin 92-001, “Estimation of High Ground-water Levels for Construction and Land Use Planning – A Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Example- Update 1991, Revised 2006.”

As a service to Cape officials, engineers and other interested parties, the Cape Cod Commission publishes monthly data about water levels at groundwater observation wells on Cape Cod. The data provide current information for the effective siting of septic systems and provide historical context for fluctuations in the regional water table in current assessments. Historical records on selected wells extend back to the 1950s. Click here to access monthly index well data.

For more information, see the complete USGS groundwater observation well network for Barnstable County:

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